Monday, October 24, 2011

Are you happy at me?

I have to write it down while i am thinking about it or I will totally forget. Caroline will often ask me if I am mad at her and if I say no, she will ask "are you happy at me?". Now Molly and Joe say it when they think I am getting mad at them. I can't help but smile (most of the time). She also like to eat the cereal Reese's Puss (like puss n boots).
While driving with Molly the other day I asked her if it would embarrass her if I was dancing crazy when we pulled up to a red light. She said people would think I was crazy. I told her, people would be saying "look at the moves on that woman". She then asked why they would be talking about my boobs. Moves, I said moves, not boobs:)
Now my Joe story. While driving to my school to pick a few things, the kids start thinking of names for my skeleton at school. They are brainstorming a few ideas then Joe blurts out, "what about boner?" I busted out laughing but had to quickly cover it up by telling them I was laughing about something from earlier in the day.
We just cam back from our annual trip to Chickasaw state park for our family reunion. We had a blast. We played games, roasted marshmellows, and laughed and laughed. I have been going to this park with my family since 1988. I have so many great memories with my cousins and now my children are forming their own memories with their cousins. We had 4 generations there. The oldest was my 93 year old grandmother and the youngest was my cousin's 10 1/2 month old baby, John David.
Soccer season is over for Molly and she had a great season for her first time playing. I hope she sticks with it. I know I loved it so much and find myself missing it when I watch her play. Caroline is busy with ballet and seems to be enjoying it. She looks exactly like Molly did at that age and is taking dance from the same ladies. They can not even get over how much they look alike.
Joe has been busy riding his bike and playing with his buddy Greyson across the street. He is just waiting for basketball season to start.
Our lives are about to get even more crazy. We have Joe's first reconcilliation in a few weeks and then Molly's birthday. Before you know it, Thanksgiving will be here then my most favorite time of year, Christmas!!!! It really is such a magical time of year.
I love staying busy so let the madness begin!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

From the mouth of Caroline...

You never know what will come out of Caroline's mouth. What she hears and what she translates it into are two different things:) We say her prayers at night and after we say, Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, we say the Our Father. Well she says, "..thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in Kevin" and then she ends it with, "and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from eagles". She has come up with her own alphabet too. It includes the letters, jew,r,x. Not only does she love to shove things down my shirt, but while we were at a baptism yesterday, she proceeds to bend down try to look up my dress and ask me very loudly if I am wearing any panties. Thank goodness there weren't too many people around.
Today she went "skaping" (skating) for the first time. She loved it and was pretty good at it too. She fell a few times but got right back up and never cried. I tell her all the time she is my toughest kid.
I asked her the other day how she got the scratch on her head and her response was, "God not do that". If you ask her how she got so beautiful, she will tell you, "God made me". She tells me God is in her heart and in the sky:)
Today we caught her sitting upstairs, looking out the window singing a song about missing her "chaseboyfriend". One day when she told me she got in trouble at Mama Jane's she told us it was because she had hit her friend. When we asked her what she told her friend (hoping she had said she was sorry) she said, "I tell her shake it off".
Never a dull moment at our house and I wouldn't have it ANY other way!!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

It has been a LONG time since I last posted a blog:) I am going to try to start blogging more to put the funny things the kids do and say in writing. If I try to remember what they said to tell them when they grow up....well we all know that wont happen. To give you an example, Molly told her friend the other night i was like Dori because i couldn't remember anything. Caroline says all kinds of crazy things these days. She heard Joe say, "I know karate" but what she thought she heard was, "Uncle Roddy". So if she comes to you and says she knows "Uncle Roddy", watch out. She is a mean little sucker. She sticks her tongue out and she hits. She is definitely the baby. TJ tells everyone, "If we had her first, we wouldn't have had anymore". But she is so cute and sassy you cant help but love her. She sings and dances all the time and LOVES to play dress up.
Summer has been fabulous but gone by way too quick. We went to the beach this summer and had the most amazing time!! I can not wait to go back. I think I could live near the beach:)
Joe went to baseball and football camp. Molly went to art camp and had a make-over party. Caroline has just been playing and swimming.
Molly is going to start soccer in the fall. I am pretty excited about that:) As much as Joe loved football camp, TJ thinks he should wait one more year before he starts playing tackle. Caroline is going to start ballet in the fall and she is super excited about starting dance.
I am one proud momma! I am so blessed to have such beautiful and smart kids.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Crazy November

November is the beginning of the craziness for our family. Molly's birthday was last weekend and we had a little party at Glitz and Glam. They got dressed up, nails done, stuffed pink poodles, strutted down the runway and then ate fancy pink poodle cupcakes. It was very cute and she had a great time. She is such a cool little girl with a great sense of humor. We also picked up her new glasses this week. She thinks they are a cool new accessory and she tries to match her clothes to the glasses. In the mix of that crazy weekend Caroline got sick with a fever virus. She is better and back to her little spoiled self. Now Joe has strep so I am home with him today. This weekend Molly has her first confession and little Lexi is coming to spend the night. Since Elizabeth is Caroline's God-mother, Lexi and Molly have decided they are God-Sisters. It is so sweet and Elizabeth and I love it. We have Thanksgiving next week and we have so much to be thankful for. Before you know it Christmas will be here. A few weeks after that, we are headed to Disney. I am so excited. 
I am so blessed and I thank my God every day for the gifts he has given me. 

Getting Started

So I have decided to start a blog. Mainly for me so I can have place to keep a journal. I used to keep individual journals for the babies . Molly has three notebooks full of journal entries. Joe has two and poor Caroline maybe has 3 entries in her one little book. My intentions are great but I never get around to writing them down. There are so many good stories. I figured if I blog, it will be like keeping a journal for all of them. I also thought my in-laws would enjoy reading about the kids too. I think this will be fun and I look forward to getting started.